Iran has unique geological features. Its plateau consists of two high mountain ranges and two vast deserts: Zagros, the longest mountain range, which appeared under the pressure of Saudia plateau and Alborz range in the north, and two desert areas, Lut and the Dasht-e Kavir, full of sandy dunes, Yardangs, and gorges made of erosion. The various type and layers of sediments all around Iran are extraordinary. Moreover, two huge salt domes in the center and in the south and two vast volcano areas in the southeast and northwest have caused many geological phenomena…


Mother Earth team are well-organized collection of exploring deep Persian culture, experiencing Iranian food, ancient history, astonishing architecture along with precious traditions and customs.


Iran is mostly famous for its variety of desserts, Jungle and Sea. Such as geopark of Qeshm Island and the astonishing rocky-nature of Hormuz Island with its famous red soil are to be experienced in the south of Iran. Moreover in the North of Iran, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Hyrcanian forests and the naturally constructed village deeply entangled with the culture of people living there.